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Our relationship with luxury desserts goes back to 1993, when we founded Alpine Desserts with the passion and devotion reserved for family businesses. Although we have since expanded significantly, we are proud to have retained the benefits typically provided only by smaller businesses: a direct relationship with every client, the willingness and ability to fulfil customised orders, and remarkably dedicated customer service.

Everyone deserves the joy of Alpine. Our products are available in a range of sizes ideal for individuals, families, events, caterers and restaurants:

  • Our individually packaged or boxed products are retailed at groceries and supermarkets to be picked up anytime to delight someone special or treat the family.
  • For family or corporate events, our individual serving desserts never fail to make an elegant impression. Orders are tailored to your colour, size, flavour and quantity specifications.
  • Caterers and restaurateurs who want to leave guests with a lingering taste of a perfect meal choose Alpine individual desserts, or our 5-litre tubs for customisable ice-cream bars. We are able to fulfil orders of any size, and with Alpine you are guaranteed that the quantity will not affect the quality.
Unbeatable Kashrus
Our desserts and chocolates are produced in our own factory all year round, with equipment that is used exclusively for kosher products, thereby entirely avoiding the kashrus complications that arise when koshering non-kosher facilities to produce batches of kosher products.

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